Red Knights Rising Cover


         Journey back in time over 800 years to the days when knights were bold and damsels fair. Only in this gay BDSM adventure, the damsels are few and far between. Instead there are two young lusty knights who meet and fall in love -- or is it lust?

    Follow them as they try to curb their desires and join the Crusader army of the famous warrior King Richard the Lionheart. They must fight their way halfway round the known world to the Holy Land to save it for Christendom from fierce Muslim fighters of the legendary commander Saladin.

    Young Harry becomes a rich knight and the new Earl of Derby as the story begins. Chance brings him together with the brawny but penniless Sir Bruce, later Lord Berwick. From their first meeting sparks are struck and eventually the man-sex fire blazes. They must wrestle to develop a relationship forbidden by their church and scorned by the nobility of the time.

    And King Richard may be the legendary warrior and leader, but he's also a sadistic homosexual. He demands the young knights submit to his kinky sexual practices, as they struggle to hold onto their own developing partnership.

    The action moves from Lincoln and London in England to Aquitaine [home of the legendary Eleanor of Aquitaine], from Sicily to Cyprus and finally to the Holy Land -- Palestine -- with battles, sieges and passionate love scenes. The cast of 1000s of vibrant characters ranges from the Knights Templar to squires, archers and traitors.

    Forced to perform BDSM service to their sovereign, then torn apart by the King and the war, can Harry and Bruce survive?