ALEX’s BLOG - July 18, 2015

If you’re having trouble replacing your copies of SUBMISSION, DOMINATION, OBSESSION, and others of my earlier work,  at less than ridiculous [if flattering] prices, it’s because I’ve taken back the rights to my first seven titles and they are more or less off the market, while I actively seek a new publisher.  The reasons are complicated – a difficult story for another day. But rest assured that I too want to see them back in print. I’ve heavily revised and slightly expanded the action in all three for the new editions. The process of finding a suitable publisher who won’t bowdlerize [look it up] / water them down is a slow process, that we shall overcome. I look forward to notifying you when you will be able to get them again – at a realistic price – and with a brand new Tarquin and Paul full-length tale to boot [sorry about that].
Stay booted. Stay proud.