ALEX’s BLOG - September 26, 2016

    Last time I talked about meeting an incredible man – Rick Karp, better known in his day as gay porn star Cole Tucker. He was so articulate and friendly that I agreed immediately to co-author his autobiography which we titled “COLE TUCKER – 15 MINUTES OF FAME AND A HELLUVA LOT MORE”.

    When we started ‘writing’ the book, the challenge was to capture on paper the flavor and sound of Rick talking to me about the various periods of his life. The final answer was to have him look at me, but talk into the Dragon system on my computer, after we’d discussed and argued about the topic for that day. It proved to be an amicable arrangement, since he could ‘record’ for 40 minutes ‘on point’. My next job was to transcribe, rearrange and edit the raw material and send a copy to Rick for further discussion.

    Gradually we worked through his different ‘lives’, amongst other things, working out how to explain the remarkable transition from high-end realtor Rick to hot, muscled and inked Cole – and back again.
We got as far as the murder of his TV producer partner in South Africa, which Rick graphically described. But he could go little further; the memory was still too raw. He put the project on hold.

    Last year Rick Karp died. His sister and I decided the memoir should definitely be finished. The final 15% of Rick’s life is what I am now reconstructing with the help of some of his professional and personal friends.

    It promises to be the fascinating story of how one man lived his life in the second half of the 20th and the first decade or so of the 21st century. As Rick was creating his own existence as a male porn ‘star’ and much more, gay life was becoming recognized by the mainstream of the United States.

    I’ll keep you posted on developments on “COLE TUCKER”, as well as the new version of “THE HIGHWAYMEN”.