ALEX’s BLOG - September 15, 2015

Last time I explained where plots and characters in my BDSM stories did NOT come from. That was relatively easy – not from the lives and loves of friends.

Where do I find the characters [most of them masculine men mid-20s to mid-30s] and where do the tight spots in which they find themselves come from?  When I first decided to write an erotic story a dozen years ago, I was putting down on paper one of my heaviest fantasies at the same time as I was myself emerging as a gay Leatherman.  The fantasy revolved around motor cops in black leather and Dehner boots. The climax brought a Sergeant and a recruit back together in a play space, where the recruit turned the tables and fucked the Sergeant as their leathers creaked together.  The core of the story was a BDSM fantasy, but the characters and the plot poured out of my own imagination to build towards this climax – and its aftermath. Rereading “REVENGE ON BLACK LEATHER COPS” recently, I was impressed by the power of erotic scenes, but felt the characters could be more three-dimensional and the background more detailed.

Maybe I should rewrite it and maybe lengthen it out into a novel. Now there’s a new idea!

Stay booted. Stay proud.