ALEX’s BLOG - September 6, 2016

    “COLE TUCKER – 15 MINUTES OF FAME - AND A HELLUVA LOT MORE” is one of my most fascinating, frustrating and unusual writing projects.
    I have to confess that I’ve never been a regular follower of gay porn stars, although I’ve frequently admired their huge muscles, their genital equipment, and their sexual stamina over the years.

    Cole Tucker was one of the ground-breaking stars of the profession twelve years ago. He was a mature guy [approaching forty] when he broke through as a hot, muscled, articulate and inked bruiser. He changed the image in gay porn from boys to men, almost single-handedly. Also he was one of the first stars to come out as HIV positive.

    I learned all this when I was approached by a mutual friend asking if I’d be interested in co-authoring Cole’s life story. “But being a major porn star isn’t enough to make a really interesting book,” I claimed. “Is there more to his life?”

    Indeed there was. Cole Tucker was actually the creation of a man whose real name was Rick Karp and who had the proverbial ‘nine lives’. Rick was the wild child of wealthy parents in Upper New York State; he was a ‘toy-boy’ in Manhattan in his teens, the ‘Prince of Provincetown’ for several years with an older lover, a failed restauranteur, a recovering addict of drugs and alcohol by his late twenties, a high-end realtor in several cities beginning with Boston, where he acquired a partner and a large house, a heavy Leatherman in San Francisco in the first decade of the AIDs crisis. He had simultaneous relationships with a gay French fashion designer, a ‘dot-com’ millionaire, a British politician and a South African television producer.

    Rick was also charming and intelligent in person, when we finally met and talked. I soon realized that this could be a fascinating and different writing project for me.

    But how could I capture the spirit and language of Rick Karp aka Cole Tucker? That’s the story for the next blog.