ALEX’s BLOG - September 1, 2015

Recently another reader emailed me asking where I got the ideas for my BDSM novels and whether they were drawn from real life. These are questions. I’m often asked. So here’s an attempt at a partial explanation.

It’s easier to answer the second part. No, I don’t knowingly take my plots or characters from true life adventures/escapades/incidents in the lives of friends or myself. I decided when I started writing BDSM fiction to keep my friends out of the stories to maintain their privacy. So far I think I’ve succeeded.  Yes, very occasionally an anecdote someone has told me may turn up in a completely different context with characters that bear no relationship to any originals. The nearest I’ve got is to borrow a striking tattoo on an acquaintance and embellish it on the back of a character.  And yes, I enjoy reading other writers’ erotic fiction and porn. With luck, I’ll get hard, but I don’t borrow their plots or the characters. Somehow I’ve managed to come up with my own thoughts for the 10 novels so far.

So where do the ideas for the books come from? I’ll try to answer next time.

Stay booted. Stay proud.